Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snuffy's Round Table or....

Morons on Parade.

Jeezo Peezo.... Not only George F Will, but Thomas Friedman, Peggy Noonan and Newtie the Blowhard Gingrich... These people have ideas worth considering? Other than "what not to do."??? I mean to hear them talk about the economy... Conservatives...

Until these people and people like them come to their senses and admit the undeniable FACT (or what my sister refers to as "bovine excrement") that THEIR conservative refuckyoucan policies have been total abject failures and the CAUSE of banks, businesses... the entire national world economy, even China's, falling apart... NOTHING will change. I admit it would be humiliating for them to admit to the fuckery of which they are guilty, but nothing will change until they do. And become willing to listen to and follow reason and common sense.

They give lip service to taking toxic assets off the market, but make no admission as to their authorship of the conditions that allowed them to spring into existence: Their blind, brainless dogmatic belief in deregulation for its own sake. The Reaganesque idea, now seemingly carved in stone, that if it's the government doing it it's bad. Even if it succeeds, it's bad. All the more so simply because it's the government doing it.

My sister sounds aghast as she listens to me say these things and ask if I'm listening to what I'm saying. I have no idea if she reads what I write. Yes, I do listen to what I say, and it's scary shit. "ANY success of government is equivalent to conservatism failing."

Does that mean I think the refuckyoucans wake up wondering what they can do to fuck up the country? No.

I don't think they tend to be so complicated.

I believe their prevailing tendency is to wonder what they can do to better themselves with no thought to anyone else. As they "pull themselves up by their own boot straps" and leave the rest of us to mind ours, they leave the entire country at its own peril. We, the country, because a country is made up of its individuals, are in their way.

Is the issue black and white? Are ALL non-liberals refuckyoucans and conservatards? No.

Some fit the grey area where they defend the need for good schools, or social justices, but then many of these same people root their stances in denying rights to gays or pushing for things like charter schools, with no bargaining rights for teachers, or vouchers that don't come close to covering the cost of sending a poor family's child to a private school. Tough shit: They're gay = their choice; They're poor = their problem.

Are Democrats blameless? Fuck no.

Harry, Steny, Nancy, Jane, and yes, Barack and many more have been complicit if not outright supportive of many of their evil efforts.

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