Thursday, January 15, 2009

H/T to Matthews

For his summation of Dubya's prime time slime, I give him an "A." From his description of Dubya as being anti-intellect with a tabla rasa mind to that of him as still clueless, still clinging to the idea that nations' conducting elections somehow magically makes them peaceful and friendly. I think he was being charitable. The fucker is a total snake oil salesman.

Basically, everyone is ignoring the speech. O'Lielly gave it some time, but... "SO?" What would you expect of the Foxtard-in-Chief? The jet in the Hudson is the big story tonight.

People make mistakes. Presidents are people too, so I really don't expect them to get everything right. One thing I do NOT expect from my president, is malevolence. I expect my president to protect my country. Bush likes to claim he's done so. Dismantling the constitution, damaging the economy, undoing our regulatory systems, destroying other nations for personal reasons... These are not mistakes. These were willfull efforts by a deluded boy-king with no conscience.

What he's done is unforgiveable. He must be prosecuted.

I await Rachel Maddow's analysis.


Lisa said...

I agree with you that the Bushies need to be prosecuted. He's been both willfully ignorant and just plain ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I watched the whole thing. It appears that President Obama can just put his feet up in the Oval Office, light up a cigar and read the newspaper. Life according to George Bush. Everythings is just peachy. He's an idiot. Historians will not be forgiving.

Chris in Seattle said...

If Murdoch succeeds in buying up the world's entire publishing industry, who knows. Someone might print something favorable about the asshole.

Distributorcap said...

there will be NO vindication of the shithead in the white house.

Chris in Seattle said...

I think his dying words will be, "The American people need to understand...."