Saturday, January 24, 2009

Centrism Sucks

I puked months ago every time I heard ass hats like Dan Abrams and even Olberman praise Obama for his "moving slightly to the center," and "standing up to the far left." The issue at the time was FISA, the Freedom Is Superfluous Act, and Obama's kowtow to the refuckyoucan Bush enablers by refusing to take a stand in defense of the Constitution and the 4th Amendment.

You know..... this guy taught constututional law. He edited the Harvard Law Review. WHAT THE FUCK? ??? It still astounds me that he could not see through his own bullshit, or rather that he insulted our intelligence by spewing his bullshit -- expecting us to accept it without question -- in defense of his community asswiping with sections of the Bill of Rights. Get it straight kids:

Barack Obama is not the Progressive we hope for
He is not the liberal Fucks News spews about
He is not even the centrist in Abrams' dreams

You don't become a "centrist" be trying to balance extremes. "Let's see, I'll close Guantanimo (in a year) like a good believer in democracy, and pardon/ignore/immunize ex post facto the criminal violations of warrantless wiretaps like a good Nazi. How's that for centrism, eh?" That's called crockshitity.

Now comes dealing with the economic wasteland left by Bush and 34 years of voodoo economics, otherwise known as Reaganomics, otherwise known as supply side economics... voodoo economics. Tax cuts answer alllllll problems. We have government surplus? Cut taxes. We have a massive deficit? Cut taxes. A "kid" at work yesterday commented how the top 2-3% pay 90% of the income tax. They have 90% of the wealth, so....

We had 8 fucking years of tax cuts, on top of Reagan's tax cuts and what have we got to show for them except MASSIVE deficits? ??? Economic stimulus my ass. Of course, "Reagan taught us deficits don't matter." Refuckyoucan deficits; democrat deficits are ALWAYS bad. Those tax and spend libruls just can't see the benefits of spending on the federal charge card.

Now we have Obama in office. Things will change. We'll pursue a more realistic economic path. We'll get people working. Right?


We have to give out $275 Billion MORE in tax cuts. To make your stimulus package bipartisan? Centrist? Oh fuck me please.

People don't need a cut in the taxes they don't pay, on the wages they no longer get from the job they no longer have cuzz some greedy fuck moved his business to China, Indonesia, Vietnam...

Keep your $500/person, $1000/couple. Just fucking keep it. It's just another pisshole in the snow that sells to the ignorant anti-government masses and gimme gimme greedy fucks. Just like the "gas tax holiday." While our federal highway fund would starve, we would get to bask in the warm glow of being able to buy an exra pint of gas at each fill up. Oooo I feel the tingles coming from my toes.

Less than $10 a week: $9.61. A half carton of smokes? Not in Washington state. A bottle of wine? Maybe. A 12 pack of Miller beer? No. A 16 oz T-bone steak? On sale, maybe.

So while we enjoy National Weekly Dinner at Mickey Dee's Day with our $19.22 (per working couple and kids) we keep $15.865 BILLION out of the hands of road builders, bridge builders, electrical grid builders, levee builders, school builders, hospital builders, hell how about teachers and hospital staffers... Maybe we could even get the NYC cops and fire dept on radios that can talk to each other...?

And we probably will still have to pay that wonderfully conservative compassionate tax on unemployment benefits. Anything to keep money from getting to working class people.

But this is Centrist. So it's good, eh? Some conservatards still believe in the mythical magic of voodoo and think the entirety of any stimulus package should be tax cuts. This package of Obama's is just an exercise in appeasement and why he would even consider such nonsense is beyond me.

He dooms himself to failure if he continues down this path.

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