Monday, January 12, 2009

That Shart Said WHAT? ??? UPDATE I, II

Smirking and smiling and occasionally snarling, Dubya actually seems to believe that his record is defensible? ???

He made mistakes in his choices of words. He regrets his rhetoric. Nothing he "DID" was wrong. Oh no. Just how he talked about what he did.

I absolutely cannot think of words, phrases... NOTHING I can think of can express the level of contempt, the utter disgust, the total absence of ANY feeling of respect I feel for this sub-human suit full of gangrenous slime.

He's "disappointed" there were no weapons of mass destruction? ??? Oh, so it would have been better if they had existed and been used against the kids he sent there? ??? Fucking..... Piece of..... god damned.... Should have been impeached and hauled off and shot after he tried to turn the whole WMD issue into a joke for the corespondents' dinner. Lose a son? A daughter? A relative or friend? There was the show of his feelings for them. Sociopathic pissantious...

I wouldn't give him a pair of racing striped undees if he needed something to wipe his mouth.

I knew I shouldn't have watched. I knew he'd leave me boiling.

UPDATE: Safety, safety, safety... "Bush (and the refuckyoucans) have kept us safe." Pure coincidence. The more this line of bull shit gets trotted out the more it points out the failings that led to 9-11 in the first place, and the more it points out the possibilities that Bush was complicit. Anyway, you keep pumping out that shit Mr Scar, you hack.

UPDATE II: The Dubya Legassy: Let's hold a press conference for our... interns? I've heard of this bull shit before, packing the crowd with staffers. WTF? Who is it who's so stupid as to think no one will notice? Do they believe Dubya is too stupid to know that the last two rows were not reporters? Or do they think the reporters won't notice and let the cat out of the bag?

My theory: Dubya is so fucking shallow, egotistical and delusional, that the ONLY thing important to him is the display: That the room be full. He'll be bragging to someone somewhere that there was "standing room only."

Another great moment in the annals of asswipery.

Reminds me of the scene from Caligula where he "invades and conquers Britain," by using slaves to slash the reeds in a marsh.


Lisa said...

I only saw the evening coverage of the presser, but that was hard to watch. Bush is a misery. An embarrassment.

Chris in Seattle said...

This is going to get picked apart for who knows how long. His justifications for his actions were far less than juvenile.