Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chris Asspews Matthews

I cannot figure out what the fuck MSNBC sees in him. He's thick-headed, buffoonish and as you watch this interview, you can once again see his total glee as he frustrates his interviewee -- Elizabeth Edwards -- by avoiding the real issues, and then childishly branding "trial lawyers" as a "questionable interest group." (I could go on and on about good lawyers vs crooked lawyers, but this post is not about them; it is about Tweety.)

Of course this isn't the first time Matthews has been such a doofus. Back in October, I wrote MSNBC after reading this.

A couple of weeks earlier, Stephanie Miller called him a right wing tool. Bummer that she said she was kidding soon afterward.

And then there's the fucker's obsession with all things Hillary. It's so sexual; the way he has to do his best to put her in the worst possible light at all times looks to me like a poorly masked D&S fantasy. I'm surprised he hasn't been caught in some cheesy plot to steal her panties.

I'll have to write them again, and you can join me by using one of the following addresses:

One MSNBC Plaza
Secaucus, N.J. 07094

Chris Matthews at
(h/t JP @ Pottersville)

Something simple and polite like, Dear Chris, Why are you such a total ass? Hmmm?

If you really want more exhibits of his moronic behavior, visit Crooks and Liars.


Distributorcap said...

a total ass who gets boners for his love interests like Tom Delay and Rudy Giuliani

cares ZILCH about issues and reality and ONLY cares about the theatre of the race.... and of course the if then else as well

asks tough questions to people his doesnt like (either party) and softballs people he does like. really doesnt get it -- thinks people hang on every word his when most people (i know) have completely turned him off. one of the most blatanly biased "journalists" around --- and i use the term loosely.

other than that -- drools a lot and i think the diabetes has taken away any rational thought process

Germaine Gregarious said...

I know for a fact that Matthews sweaty adolescent fantasies involve me, Ann Coulter and his mother.

As a lesbian, I could never comply with his dreams - being the only woman in that threesome.

Thanks so much for the love of linkin' my darling. You are swell!