Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We're Doomed

Serve me a double butt fuck sundae.

Thank you corporrupt media. You did your job well. All you need to do now is sort out which of you need courage, which of you need brains... all of you need hearts. You were all so bound and fucking determined to see this come down to a circus side show, novelty race between a woman and a black man. Lotsa money in freak shows, eh?

Even you Keith Olbermann, for all your raving and ranting against Bush and his crimes and crime syndicate, you couldn't stand up in the smallest of ways and say the name, John Edwards, much less talk about him as a real candidate. Like everyone else you sat in silence when it counted the most. Nominate yourself as worst person in the world, and go back to the sports desk.

Edwards was my last hope. I knew he was a long shot, but other than Kucinich, he was the only one with sensible progressive ideas as well as a realistic view of how corrupt all facets of government have become under Dubya's watch. So once again it's up to us to try to figure out the lesser evil we want running the show: The panty wearing good old boy who will surely govern by focus group? or the naive black idealist that the knuckle draggers will surely assassinate before they allow him to sit in their white house? Another Refuckyoucan? No. I will NOT relive my two Ronald Raygun mistakes, whose eight years set the stage for our present disaster(s). Uncommitted? and hold out for what?

Welcome to pin the tail on the donkey, '08.


Anonymous said...

You already know of my heartbreak. I planned on voting for Edwards on the 5th, dammit!

I guess the "middle" really is going to choose our president this year if it comes down to Clinton or Obama on the Dem. ticket and MCCain on the Repub. ticket.

Chris in Seattle said...

From the beginning I was torn between Edwards and Kucinich, with Richardson third. I could have voted Hillary up to the day she said, "This is where everyone wants to play, Gotcha." Puking's been involved since her bitch about mudslinging when Edwards brought up her voting record on Dub's war. I don't hate Hillary because of what MSNBC's resident asswipe or anyone else says. No. The more she says, the less I've liked her. Back when people were making Billary jokes I was saying I would vote for her if she was a candidate. SHE has lost me.

Barack.... Brilliant speaker. His "Yes We Can," speech reminded me of MArtin Luther King's "I Have a Dream." He gives me goosebumps.

I wonder what thoughts went through voters minds in 1960...?


Dale said...

I'm still holding out hope for Ron Paul. Obviously he won't win the nomination, but I am hoping he will run as an independent, possibly with Kucinich as his running mate (the rumor has already been going around online). If that happens, I think he will get a lot more votes than people think. He is a lot more popular (at least online) than the media gives him credit for.

Chris in Seattle said...

From your post on taxes, yeah, you'd like Paul. He wants to take a meat cleaver to government and make it 1860 size. Whack, Hack, there you go. Like slash and burn agriculture in the Amazon.

Yeah right. That's worked out so well.

Like Gravel, Paul needs to go to school -- and I heard Thom Hartmann take Gravel to school. Humiliating. He doesn't understand government at a 101 level.

Agreeing to be Paul's VP would prove that I've been wrong all along about Kucinich.

In another way, Paul is like those, "Tear down the viaduct and let traffic solve itself," people.