Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well Fuck! Now What?

Kucinich is gone. Thanks ABC, MSNBC, DesMoines Register, and all you Fuckers out there who love the term, "Electable," and love even more to say Kucinich was not. Lemme tell you something...

What makes people electable is not some predetermined set of traits that somehow descend magically from heaven. It's not some crown that some dumbass like Chris Matthews spews out of his ass either. Kerry was somehow supposed to be electable. Yeah, right. THAT worked out well. Obama wasn't electable till, voila, people in Iowa (drum roll please) Voted and Elected (nominated) him.

Electability is really that simple: You get your fat ass up and out of your chair, and you go fucking vote. With enough votes, a person is elected. Why the fuck, do people let asswipes like Matthews, O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage... ANYone in the media, mainstream or otherwise, tell them who is electable and who is not? ??? WHY?

I don't fucking get it. All the fucking media cares about is getting their hands on the advertising bucks. Why the fuck do you think they've let 9u11iani hang around for so long? Not because any one is voting for him, that's for damn sure.

OK, I know Kucinich looks like Little Alfalfa. Fuck that. I was voting for him.

I know he said he saw a UFO and that Tweety shit all over him for it. Fuck that. I was voting for him.

I know he's a vegan. Fuck that. Rack of ribs on the grill, I was still voting for him.

The reason I still wish I could vote for him?

The Summbitch is RIGHT
The first time
On damn near everything I think is important

Patriot Act? Iraq? Iran? Health care? FISA? Impeachment? Trade agreements?

He's right. And he gets shit right the first fucking time.

No need to waffle like Hillary: My vote to invade Iraq was really a vote to send in inspectors. Or Barack: My votes of "present" are really over procedural issues and not a vote to avoid voting. Edwards? Well, to his credit, at least has the balls to admit his fuck ups.

About the only thing I disagree with Dennis about is Ethanol. I think it's totally stupid to use a food source for fuel in gas guzzling cars. Yeah, you lose the farmer vote by opposing it, but you keep meat prices from rising like they have. I guess that doesn't matter when you eat tofu and portabella mushrooms instead of steak. So...

Now What? Or should I say, "Who?"

A long time ago, I did like Hillary. Then she opened her mouth. 35 years experience? Oh pulleaze. If fucking someone who holds an office gives you experience, there's a shit load of wives out there who deserve to be in some sport hall of fame. Calling her out on her voting record is mud-slinging. And there's something honorable about having your spouse lie so you don't have to? I think not. She's really nothing but another member of the Old Boy Network, but in panties.

Barack's one hell of a speaker, but I think he's horribly naive. There is no fucking way the Refuckyoucans are going to sit down and find any common ground other than their own. Cocksuckers like Tom Delay are salivating, waiting for the chance to chew him up and spit him out. I know he means well, but his Politics of Hope are just Pie in the Sky dreams. I wonder if he believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny..?

Which leaves me, I guess, with Edwards.

Don't you dare fucking drop out Jon. I am sick and fucking tired of voting for the lesser of evils.


Anonymous said...

Edwards has my vote. I'm so sick of the media narrowing it down to a horse-race between Obama and Clinton.

I would have voted for Dennis if he hadn't been run out of the race.


Chris in Seattle said...

For a long time I was torn between the two. Edwards has pretty much been driving the issues, by being the first to bring things to the fore. I can live with Edwards. I'm not ready to put up a banner or anything, but at least I can vote for him without holding my nose. Hillary? I'll fill in the circle on my ballot with my asswipings.

Dale said...

Ron Paul?

Chris in Seattle said...

He's in the rubber room next to Mike Gravel. Fucker's nuts.

Distributorcap said...


the way this ridiculous system we have is set up -- it always seems to come to the lesser of two evils.

any dem has my vote, that is a given, but i hate having to feel that way

DONT get me started on how the media has completely cannibalized and fucked up this process. they took a really bad electoral process to begin with - made it an episode of All My Children from Belmont Park -- and call it news.

problem is 67% of the this country thinks people like Tweety and Pumpkin head actually know something we dont --- they only have 2 directives -- get ratings so they can get ads -- and get the get -- dont say anything too out there so those fuckers will keep coming on their shows