Saturday, January 19, 2008

He Apologizes; Holy Shit

Probably old news, but I just heard it last night from Randi Rhodes. I can't remember verbatim, but he ate crow big time, especially for his bull shit about Hillary -- who I do NOT endorse, BTW -- only getting elected Senator because people felt sorry for her because of Bill's skirt chasing. Before Randi played a recording of Tweety's apology, she went through a litany of episodes of Tweety's belittling of, as well as his gushing and fawning over, chicks on his show. From herself, to Hill to Liz Edwards to Laura Ingraham to, you name her. I don't remember Rachel Maddow, but then as cute as she is, she's openly gay (Does he realize he would just make her more gay? and not convert her?) I don't remember Ann Cuntner being mentioned either, but then she isn't really human, so... would she count?

Ok, but what really surprised me were the examples of man-love. His admiration of Commander Codpiece's aviator package; his admiration of Rudy 9u11iani; his admiration of Forrest Gump Fred Thompson (probably just wants his old lady; must drive him bugshit crazy that an alfalfa look-alike like Dennis Kucinich -- who I DO endorse -- has a much hotter wife.) Next time he's on with Olbermann I'll have to watch his eyes; see if he's trying to look through the desk. Anyway... two things:

I wonder how long it will take Tweety to go back on his word and slam/belittle Hillary or some other woman...?

I wonder if he'll do his fawning over some dude first..?

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Distributorcap said...

watch his apology on crooksandliars -- it really isnt an apology -- it is an explanation...