Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hitler Hates Jessica Simpson

You gotta watch this. It is so fucking hilarious. I was about to write something regarding Dubya's State of My Fuckups, or is it his Lies to the Union? Address to Congress tomorrow, and went looking to see if Ann had put up her usual drinking game yet. Lo and behold, I found something better.

So... Do you have a drinking game? Actually, as I remember, Ann's usually involves money, which she then donates to the Wounded Warrior Project. If she does hers again, I'm sure she'll explain. Rachel Maddow usually does one that's purely fun, ie booze only. Do it at home though; not on the road.

I haven't made up my mind if I'm going to try to put one together or not. It might be kind of pointless, since I usually can only listen for a sentence or two before he tells his first lie, and I'm fuming, spewing all manner of invective. Then the wife threatens to take away my teevee privileges. About the only way it could get worse were if the Republican was here, throwing in his bat shit ideas. I wonder who will give the democrats' response this year..? anyway...

Leave a game, or a link to one, in the comments section, eh?