Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scratch one Country Off of My List (UPDATED)

As I've been sitting here, sniffling and wheezing, while whining about the lack of credible candidates for Prez, I was also trying to think of where I'd go to live if/when Dub crowns himself Emperor.

Kelso likes Panama.

Bukko (who fairly regularly comments here) likes Australia.

Firestarter seems to have no plans to leave Canada, even though his sista lives here.

I'm not sure how stable Costa Rica is anymore, but it seems it's always been one of the most civilized of the Central American countries. One thing seems for sure though:

It won't be Paraguay.

I can live near Mengele and his blue eyed Indians, but not Dub. No. Ain't gonna happen.

Tip of the hat to ProudProgressive whose comment I found on David E's Fablog, via Mike's Blog Roundup on Crooks and Liars.

Thank you once again for the blog love Mr Mike.

UPDATE: Just cuzz I ain't gonna be his neighbor doesn't mean you can't. Good deals!


Jess Wundrun said...

I would go to Costa Rica except they have alot of snakes. When we visited there a few years ago we asked some expats if they ever had snakes get in their houses.

Not very often, they replied.

Bzzzzzt. wrong answer. Through hypnosis I might want to live there.

I can't live in Canada because they won't let you in if you've ever had a DUI. Even for a visit, unless you lie.

Belize would be good, if they've untied the Belize dollar from the US dollar.

Chris in Seattle said...

I can kinda sorta handle snakes. The reptilian ones.

Canada's cold, but I lived in Alaska so... OK, it was southeast Alaska. We only got -50 with wind chill. Never got nailed for a DUI, so i'm clear there.

The wife's Dad lived his last years in Belize, which could turn her off, but they have fuckin' great snorkeling, which we both really like, so...

Dale said...

My vote is for Costa Rica. From what I hear, there are more ex-pats there than anywhere else. And they don't have gun control. Maybe i'm wrong. I hope not. On a side not Chris, explain to me the meaning of "snakes. The reptilian ones." As opposed to the non-reptilian snakes?

Chris in Seattle said...

Re Snakes. I think you've got it. Non-reptilian snakes being people. As in, "He's a snake in the grass." You know what to expect from a reptilian snake. You can look them up in a book and know in advance which ones are harmful and which aren't.

Dubya isn't honest enough to be referred to as a snake.

I really don't know what the fuck species he is, except that he's definiely not human.

Distributorcap said...


good liiving -- cold but good

Chris in Seattle said...

I hear that. Supposedly a beautiful country. Not quite like its name.

Dale said...

I've heard really good things about the "quality of life" in Norway.

Chris in Seattle said...

And Denmark.