Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tickling the Prostate of Bidness?

The latest foray of Dubya's finger up out collective ass, otherwise known as his economic stimulus package, ain't going to amount to a piss hole in the snow. 200? 400? 800 bucks? Enough to make a payment on a credit card bill or buy some Chinese made shit for your house/wife/kids and stimulate Their economy.

Couldn't spend a few days worth of Iraq Money to rebuild a road or two, no. Or improve our power grid here or there, no. And HELL no to spend anything in N'awlins. Unless of course it goes direct to Shooter and Halliburton. Spending money to improve the country, that's red ink as Rich Lowery and the refucks would say. Iraq? I guess that's some kind of investment that we're just too narrow minded and ill informed to unnerstand

Lucky for me, I still have a job to bitch about. Speaking of which, I'd best get off my ass and get there.



Distributorcap said...

he will market his tax rebate as the second coming......

while you to work, i am going to buy a wheelbarrel

Chris in Seattle said...

Hmmm... going to fill that with what? Dub's Bullshit?