Monday, January 28, 2008

OK... Let the Games Begin (With Update)

As I said yesterday, Ann, has her game up, complete with links to her charity, and her past games. Her charity is a good cause; really good. Did you know that Dub's military sends these poor bastards home without so much as a shaving kit? No razor, tooth brush, clean undies...? So this outfit puts together kits that cost $127 and at least give a wounded soldier a start. The military bills soldiers for shit they may not get to bring back. Like their rifles.

And then there's Rachel Maddow's game. No links to her past games, although I suppose you could google them.

I know it's late, but hopefully all of you have all the info you need from yesterday's links.

I wonder what Cummander Codpiece will call the SOTU (if he even gives them) when he becomes dictator..?


I forgot to mention that JP says he will be live blogging the SOTU. One of his readers, Bukko, put up a link to an article with a few suggestions on where to go to find more games. If all else fails, use the google, to explore the tubes via: Drinking games, SOTU. There's only 152,000 or so from which to choose.

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