Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And the Games Continue

I have this terrible nasty-assed cold, so I went to bed early last night. I did listen to the SOTU, drinking game at hand, and the Dem response, but didn't get to hear too much of the spin afterwards. One thing I do remember: I heard Tweety talk about the reaction of the Democratic presidential candidates: Hillary and Barack. I looked at my wife and said,

"He didn't say Edwards. He won't say Edwards. Bet you anything Edwards won't be on."

My wife wondered to whom I was listening, so I had to explain who Tweety was and how he said such brillyunt shit as Hillary got elected to the Senate, not on merit, but because people felt sorry for her because of Bill's skirt chasing. That basically, he's a moron, who's somehow convinced his bosses that he's indispensable. I'm sure we all have known someone like that, worked for/with someone like that, but I digress. The wife, does not follow politics like I do, or watch any of the shows I do, but she knew the Hillary claim was BS, which then got her wondering why I would listen to someone so stupid...?

I have no answer, except that it's possibly the morbid curiosity like that which hits us on the freeway and makes us rubberneck a car wreck. There's also the fact that I wanted to hear what Olbermann had to say and couldn't listen to him without having to somehow deal with Matthews as well because of MSNBC's package deal presentation: "One for the Price of Two."

So I wonder this morning... Did Edwards indeed appear on any of the networks?


commander other said...

not that i'm aware of, but i live in fecking south fecking dakota amongst a herd of sheep who call themselves republicans. proudly. gah.

Dale said...

Rather interesting that the only relevant search result on Google for "edwards reaction state of the union" is a link to the BBC, not even an American news agency. Anyway, here it is: