Saturday, January 19, 2008

Skanky Banky

The Crawman, Jurrasicpork, at Welcome to Pottersville, has been having an ongoing battle with his now former bank, Citizens' Bank. I may be a little late getting on the linky love bandwagon, but better late than never.

JP's was the first blog I ever read, and while I can imagine him being a bit of a curmudgeon, no one deserves to have a bank treat them like shit.

I can relate to a degree; I had my own bad experiences with Bank of Amerika. I watch the services offered by my Versateller account disappear one by one oper the years until they finally did away with them all together. I went in to close my account and the teller didn't even try to talk me into any alternatives; I guess he'd seen enough other disgruntleds that he knew I was gone no matter what he said.

The thing is, us little people supposedly cost banks money. As JP alludes, they're doing us a favor and we should bow down, kiss their rings and asses, and eat their shit like it was ice cream. When we go, it's "Good riddance." They serve the rich, the corporations, and (sometimes) their shareholders. Oh, and Nazi, Fascist, bloodthirsty dictators too.

Next time I hear Thom Hartmann talk about the links between Prescott Bush and Hitler, I hope I can call in and ask him about correspondence in the Federalist Papers about placing a cap on individual wealth so as to avoid what we have now:

A tyranny of the rich (as opposed to royal) minority.


Anonymous said...

A tyrrany of the rich. You are absolutely right. And they are vicious.

Chris in Seattle said...

I think it's just as important that it's a tyranny of the minority. a la our record setting repug congressional fucks.

thanks for checkin' in babe. :-)