Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So We Now Have a Race

So much for all the horse-assed predictions. I haven't heard anything from Matthews the panty chaser; I wonder if he's bleating about the 60% who voted against Hillie..?

Let's face it, Iowa and New Hampshire are to presidential elections, as Spring training is to baseball. I don't think the Mariners have ever followed a winning spring, with a winning regular season. Maybe that's not the best analogy, since the Ms TOTALLY sucked till 95, but my point is that Iowa and New Hampshire really don't mean shit as far as predicting elections. Rayguns lost both to Aitch Dubya back in 80. Dubya split them with McCain, just like Hill and Barack. Bill got beaten in both in 92. The 76 and 72 Dem caucuses were won by Uncommitted.

Now comes the real shit. And I wish Tweety would shut the fuck up.


Distributorcap said...

tweety is vomiting on right now as i sit and watch....

all of sudden he has a soft spot for hillary.......

can this be december already

Chris in Seattle said...

Yeah... WTF was all that shit with the pinch an the cheek and the hug and the, I'm not obsessed."? ???

The guy's fuckin' loony tunes.

Distributorcap said...

go watch this tweety video

more fun from the bird!