Thursday, January 10, 2008

More on the Assews Effect w/Update

In comments from my last post, D'cap sent me this link to a Franiam post. The clip isn't really news anymore, but I think it's important to add my continuing vote condemning Matthews' assholish bullshitiousness and fuckstickery. He is one sick mo-fo. Speaking of mothers and fucking...

I think it's obvious that Matthews wants to fuck her, but knows he can't. As with so many people who can't have what they want, he's over compensating and trying to make himself believe that he doesn't really want what he obviously does. He's trying devalue her in other's eyes as a way to convince them that he doesn't want her. I've heard it said that people lie the best when they lie to themselves. Who can say if he's convinced himself. All I know is, he's not convincing me.

Hillie's best strategy, I think, would be to play the innocent married woman card. The "I never know what to do with men who are obsessed with me," card. The "Please Chris, move on with your life and don't make me hurt you," card. He's actually doing more to make her look human and tender than she could ever by herself, or by appearing with her Mom, Chelsea or Bill.

MSNBC needs to get this guy a shrink pronto.

And I don't mean Dr Phil or Dr Laura.

Update: I suppose I should add that Hillary was my second least favorite Dem candidate* -- a position she'd earned -- and now Tweety has me defending her.

*Close call, but I liked her more/disliked her less than Mike Gravel.


Distributorcap said...

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this story is not going away

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Have you seen this one yet?

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