Sunday, February 17, 2008

Error My Ass

Like a cross dresser going braless, that kind of error. Our progressive radio station, AM 1090, plays a little plug/drop/clip/whatever now and then that goes something like this:

Bush couldn't invade the right country; you think he can tap the right phones? ??? Like I said yesterday...

All this FISA/PAA shit has nothing to do with protecting the country. It's all about protecting the cronies; his haves and have mores; his base, his ass, his legacy and his fascist Project for a New American Dictatorship. Hmmm... his Pet Project for a New American Dictator State: PPNADS.

Laura...Condi...Nancy... come look at my Peepee Nads.


Fuck me with a cattle prod on max, why dontcha.

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