Saturday, February 9, 2008

Caucus Day

What the fuck's a guy to do when he doesn't really like either candidate?

What the fuck's a guy to do when every candidate he chooses ends up dropping out?

What the fuck is the state/party doing sending out absentee ballots for a primary that means absofuckinglutely nothing? That's the one that really gets to me. The waste of time, money, trees, peoples' efforts when they fill them out and return them (provided spouses don't spill wine all over them) and the confusion caused by it all. Does my vote count? Do my caucus efforts count? Who the fuck decides this shit? How? When?

Do I fucking care? Should I fucking care?

Should I just stay home in front of the Hi-Def eating leftover ribs, watching basketball? While I grow more to resemble a basketball?

Fuck it.

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