Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yea Mittens... You Go Girl !!!

Dontcha just love it when some rich asshole starts in with his, "We the people," shit. Just caught a bit of the Mittster's, what would you call it; Victory speech? He won ONE primary today, and that was his home fucking state. Not a whole hell of a lot better return on his campaign dollar than Rudy got, eh?

Biggest thing to me, has been watching the Redneck vote, both red and blue. I'm not surprised that Fuckabee is making a show down there. He's Baptist, although to his discredit, he went to seminary. Hey, I shit you not, lots of genetic nightmares down there really think like that: Preachers who go to school aren't "called." Back to the Fuckster.... he like his women barefoot and at home, su'mittin to their men. Rednecks love sales taxes.. exise taxes.. taxes that basically fuck the poor. Like the Huckafuck they really do think that's fair: "Everone pays the same." Too bad they can't figure out that they're paying a MUCH higher percentage of their blacklung earned wage than their coal-baron boss. In all fairness, I can't do percentages on my fingers and toes. Why else do they like him... Oh... I'll bet he can't name half of the countries on the globe. He might know we're bordered by Canada and Mexico, although I don't know how he explains so many illegals coming across our border with Pakistan...? No shit. What everrrrrr.....

Dontcha love the add of McCain's? The one about how he's more Reagan than Raygun was? My surge, my surge. The true social conservative... Why doesn't he just say, "If you're an ignorant moron, you gotta love me."

Must drive a lot of those creatures down there fucking crazy trying to figure out whether to vote for a woman or a black man. I'm really surprised there are so many people wanting to vote for the two of them. Still, I can't help but find it interesting...: Barack's got South Carolina from the other week, and today picks up Georgia and Alabama. Then Hilly gets Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma. As I write, Missouri is too close to call.

I can't claim that I have any great insight into why things are shaking out this way. Having lived in East Tennishoe (Knoxvoid, and to be exact) for several years, I would have expected a statewide vote of 5-2 or something like that. Maybe they're growing up down there (finally). After all it was 1968 when they all followed the segregationist pied piper George Wallace and handed the Presidency to Tricky Dick Nixon. The first Refuckyoucan Preznit to try to skirt the Constitution. Oddly enough though, they would vote solid Refuck for Prez, yet would vote for Democratic Senators, Reps and Govs. Face it: They vote solidly, anti-civil rights. Anti rights for blacks. Anti rights for women. Anti anything pro-non-white-male.

No shit.... I once asked where I could find brown rice...? I was told to look in the gourmet isle. They also consider Roman Meal to be Wheat Bread. I shit you not. Any way....

That's your Schtooper Toosdee coverage from my side of the black hole.

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