Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just Asking...

All from ONE single fucking screen snap shot at Raw Story:

Wildfire Victims wait for FEMA homes

Bush: Keep Abstinence in AIDS Program

Glitch Grants FBI E-mail Access

US Admits Firing on Anti-qaeda Fighters

Iraq Drawdown to Add Troops?

"Bandar Bush" Threatened UK

Russia Says US Spy Satellite Plan "a Cover"

China Concerned with US Satellite plan

and lets not forget this one from the little Digg widget:

Is the US Its Own Worst Enemy?

No telling what the fuck the next rollover will bring? There are reeeeeeeally people who want four more years of this fucking bush shit?

The Conservative/Refuckyoucan mind -- if there truly is such a thing-- never fucking ceases to amaze me. Hmmmm... was it Oscar Wilde..:

Not all conservatives are stupid,
but most stupid people are conservative.


Jen Clark said...

FBI "glitch" my ass.

I'm also curious about this shooting down of the space satellite. Why exactly was that necessary and what happens to the "toxic" material after we explode their carrier into a billion pieces?

I wake up nervous every day to find what the morning's headlines will bring. When was the last time they were good?

Chris in Seattle said...

The official story goes something like: Its orbit is decaying and since it has a fuel tank of hydrazine, which is very toxic, we don't want it to crash on land, especially a populated area.

Supposedly they want to vent off the hydrazine and make if fall into an ocean (not sure which.) Firestarter5 was wondering if they would intentionally miss with the missile and hit Iran. Possibly; or push it so it lands in Iran.

But then, it's a fucking spy satellite. Dubya doesn't want anyone getting ahold of it for its technology. He doesn't want anyone figuring out what he's been up to.