Monday, February 4, 2008

Hey Bill !!! Either one of You !!!!

What was the score of the fucking game? ???

I just missed Keith O's "Worst Person," segment tonight, but I did catch his segment on yesterday's game. So he shows a little clip of Richardson and Clinton, supposedly watching the game. Yeah right. One, this was supposedly just two buddies getting together. With TeeVee cameras? Two, and this is the one that reeeeeeally gets me:

Who the fuck goes over to a buddy's house to watch the Super Bowl and

Bush shit, phonies.
^^ That was a typo, but on second thought, I think I'll leave it.


Jen Clark said...

I'm amazed at how we all know this election is a phony TV show, yet so many bloggers write about it every day (not talking about you - this is the first time I've been here).

I'm so over it. While we are watching The Election Show, the Bush administration is upping the defense budget again, destroying what is left of our social programs, is beating the Democrats to a verbal pulp trying to get the FISA bill to let the telecoms off the hook for installing splitter cabinets, and making a mockery of our judicial system.

I'm so done with it. After I get the results from tomorrow's vote, I'm going to ignore any post that says the names of any of the presidential candidates near the title.

I know for sure I won't miss any awesome stories about something any of them did for us in the Senate. Theirs are just a bunch of empty seats.

Chris in Seattle said...

I figured out a long time ago that whether the networks show "news" or a sit-com, their goal is to get ratings/an audience to feed their bottom line. Life is really that simple. So...

For the Dems, we now have had foisted on us a freak show of the first black candidate vs the first woman. For the Refuckyoucans there's the tortured POW, vs Barbi's BF Ken come to life (a freak show of its own.)

skippy said...

hey, chris just wanted to say thanks for joining in blogroll amnesty day!

Distributorcap said...

chris ---

this is the longest soap opera in history. move over "guiding light" -- and unlike the tv soaps, this reality based one is boring, redundant and has consequences.

tweety ACTUALLY had the fucking nerve to say yesterday that this 4 person freak show only cared about personality and not issues. ahem mr yellow bird. THAT IS BECAUSE THAT IS ALL YOU FUCKING CARE ABOUT == heaven forbid one pundit aske about or talk about an issue. they play up the soap opera to new heights each day.

Chris in Seattle said...

Skippy, Was a pleasure. thank you for helping Swifty to take the lead in the whole effort. It couldn't have been dome without the two of you.

DC, Tweety had it right... for he and his cronies it has nothing to do with substance. I wonder what their reaction's going to be when Dubya pulls his coup, declaring martial law and a dictatorship...? I mean when will they realize the degree to which they've enabled him...?