Saturday, February 2, 2008

You Are what You Eat?

Rut Roh! I know eating raw clams is iffy, but my favorites, the bearded varieties, don't lend themselves to cooking.

h/t to the Firestarter and the little digg tool he has in his sidebar.


nunya said...

I get 10 hits a day unless skippy links to me and I steal a fabulous cartoon.


Consider yourself linked.


Chris in Seattle said...

You're linked Babe.

Anonymous said...

Dang. Whatever you do, don't microwave those favorite clams of yours.

Chris in Seattle said...

No Hon. Most I do is dribble some butter and garlic.

fairlane said...

That explains the labia on my forehead.

Thanks for the info.

I shall link you as well.

I mean "link" in the platonic sense, of course.