Saturday, February 2, 2008

This Really did Happen. YOWSA! !!!

I heard about this on Stephanie Miller the other morning, but since my cold this past week, my one ear is plugged and the other's not so great, so I wasn't really sure that I heard what I heard. Here it is though, via C&L once again: Ann Cuntner endorsing Hillary. And she looks so fucking serious. Like she could actually means it. Unnnnnn fuckingggggg Beeeeee lievable.

Could this be some Rovian stroke of genius? Like masking Dubya's soulless, heartless, unscrupulous, immoral greed and avarice, behind moronishness? ??? I can imagine the collective groans emitted nationwide by all Hillary supporters... that feeling of fear like the blood flowing out through the soles of one's feet felt by Hillary herself. Even Bill's feeling of helplessness as he realizes that there's no way he's going up that skirt in any effort to discredit the great stick-figure-from-hell. Oh well....

It not like no one never said she was a polarizer. Hillary, that is.

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