Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hannity... Pure Scum.

I caught a bit of the Circus side show debate last night, and some of the pundit bullshit later. After I got done watching Matthews disappointment that there was still no zip lock bag for him with Hillary's panties, I threw all reason and logic to the wind and turned to Fucks Noise. I can be such an idiot sometimes.

So there's Colmes talking to some supposedly Democratic strategist, and Melanie Morgan. She starts talking and I think, "Oh fuck me with a broken baseball bat." She stutters and stammers and Colmes is almost making me believe he serves a purpose beyond that of a token, until I hear that fucking douchenozzle, Hannity, pipe up from the sideline.

(sidebar... I cannot take credit for coining the term douchenozzle, nor for initiating its use as a political descriptor. I believe I first encountered the term via BlueGal either at her blog, or at Crooks and Liars.)

Course being Faux, when the DNC ( Douchenozzle in Chief) speaks, the camera SHALL show him. So there he is with his perfect hair and smug expression all ready willing and oh so able to lie for the cause. Fucker truly makes me ill. I mean, even O'Reilly will say something that's true now and then. It may be by accident, but he still does it. Hannity... I don't think I have ever heard him say a single true thing yet. Fucker had the nerve to make the redneck Imus into a liberal after his Rutgers comments. BillO I can actually stomach for a while, even the Coultergeist, but this MoFo is usually off after five minutes max. So what'd he do this time?

Two words. That's all. That was enough.

"Proud Conservatives."

He was trying to rescue Morgan from the vicious verbal batterings of the wicked Allan Colmes. She stuttered and he tried filling in the blank for her. He then went on to try to explain that, "That's what we are: Proud Conservatives." We this, we that, we blah blah blah, and on he went with his canned shit schpiel about how Liberals want to raise taxes, surrender to the terrorists, and destroy the finest health care system in the world. As if there should be shame in not wanting to squander a surplus by putting everything on the Chinese charge card, wanting to invade the right country should you choose to invade one at all, and making sure that the priority in medicine is that people can afford to see doctors rather than that the middlemen profit whore insurance companies get fed first. Back to the two words...

"Proud Conservatives."

What the fuck could make someone think that as a conservative, they have done something, anything of which to be proud?

I was so sickened by the idea when I heard it, that the only reason I heard anything afterwards, was I had two pups in my lap and didn't want to squash them in my mad scramblings for the remote. Mind boggling. Absofuckinglutely mind boggling that someone, other than a comedian, could put those two words together. And use them. Publicly.


Blue Gal said...

Happy to take credit for douchenozzle but it ain't me and at least not recently, anyone on my blogroll. Hmm. Could you be thinking of fucknozzle? Steve Gilliard. 2005. Re: the current President.

Yep. Sounds like a variation of fucknozzle. The whole nozzle thing has a good vibe to it.

Thanks for the link anyhow. xo

kimmyk said...

i've never watched hannity. apparently i aint missin much huh? heh heh.

anyways, i like douchenozzle. you should take credit for it since blue gal isn't.

just sayin'. it'll catch on.

Distributorcap said...

how about scumnozzle.... a special word for hannity

Chris in Seattle said...

Thanks everyone, but douchenozzle ain't mine. Fuck I wish I could think of who coined it.


Rude Pundit?

Someone new from blog roll amnesty day? Jen Clark?

Oh well.

Dale said...

Proud Conservatives.....what a rare bread they must be. This may get me verbally beaten, but in my honest opinion, it is not their fault they have nothing to be proud of. I really do not believe that Dubya is a fair representation of the Conservative label, or the Republican party. Shit, my child is running around naked, pushing his potty chair with him. I better go before all hell breaks loose.

Chris in Seattle said...

Hmmm... Dubya... You naked kid with his potty chair.

I'll leave it for someone else.