Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Siegelman... Mixed Feelings

So many times I get lazy and fail to watch 60 Minutes, but this past Sunday I HAD to see their story on former Governor and present political prisoner, Don Siegelman. I was extremely disappointed. I didn't notice them even touching on the real issue in the case: The Refuckyoucan theft of the election. It's never been investigated in any real sense of the term, but since Siegelman tried to blow the whistle on it, he was railroaded. So I was pissed as usual, that the media as usual was asleep on the job as usual, and avoided calling attention to the proof of what a Fascist society Dubya has created.

It's been said many times before, by people much more notable than I, that the real story about the US attorneys was not, "Why were they fired," but rather, "What did the others do in order to get to keep their jobs?"

But in a similar vein, it seems as if just possibly the real story from Sunday is the fact the the real story was not told. And that what was told was blacked out in Alabama. Lotsa scrambling and bullshitting going on over the black out that supposedly wasn't. A few minutes ago there were three leading stories about Siegelman over at Raw Story.

I'm not letting 60 Minutes off the hook; no fucking way. Their bullshit about, We'll tell more, if there appears to be public interest." Yeah right. In the same way that Nancy Pelosi's been listening to public interest as she pursues Dubya's impeachment? The same way Congress is listening to us as they ponder an inJustice Department investigation of what went into Roger Clemons' ass cheeks? Sure. Gotcha.


Distributorcap said...

now you know why no one trust tv news anymore

pure unadulterated bullshit
style no substance
fill between the commercials

Chris in Seattle said...

Some years ago they discovered that just like a sitcom, they could make money from the advertisers they attracted. The idea that "news providers" existed died.