Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Live Wine and Puppy Blogging

No you pervs... the puppy doesn't get the action end of the bottle. Shhheeeeesh!!!

The wife just got off the phone -- no she's still talking to a breeder. We got a mini Dachshund not long ago, and she's got the wild hair that she wants to breed her. OK. I can live with that. Selling pups could be cold, but she doesn't just want to breed her, she wants to buy a male. Fuck...

We've got my Lab-Rott mix, the Dach, a cat, Ms Thing's two cats, who are fucking terrrrrorrrrs, much like her spawn, the grand-monster. No wonder I'm into the wine. Speaking of which...

I found a nice one from Chile: Calina, Reserva, 2006, Carmenera. MMmmmm... I'm new to the wine scene, so pardon me if my nomenclature is improper. In other words, fuck you, snooty. :-) What we have is a red, with a slightly smoky taste. I found it last Friday. On sale, so there were about 5 or 6 cases all stacked up. About $7/bottle; easyyyyy on the wallet. I went back today, and I got the last two fucking bottles on the floor. Shit's been fleyeing off the shelves. Not the case for their Cab or Merlot. Makes me go "Hmmmmmm?"

Gooooood wine though. Pretty soon I'll be back to writing in my usual nincompoopic style.

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