Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Treasonous Berkeley? ???

I don't think so. I wish Seattle could be so bold. I remember a couple years ago we had a similar situation in the Seattle High Schools. I can't remember how it ended up, but I remember there were quite a few parents who wanted the recruiters OUT, and they were PISSED that the schools were giving recruiters info on their kids. I work with a guy who lives in this county, but not in the city, who was about ready to pass out knuckle sandwiches to get the recruiters to leave them alone. The fuckers wouldn't even keep from calling during dinner time. So...

I have to say I agree with the opposition on this one to wit:

"It's very, very important for everyone to stand united ... to give our Marines and all of our military the greatest respect and honor that they deserve."

They're right. We really should unite. And absolutely, we should give them all the respect and honor they deserve. The only problem is that the opposition and I disagree on HOW this should be done. I can't speak for (all) of them in any definitive manner, but we need to

1) Get them the hell out of there. Does no fucking good to argue that they should never have been there, just get them out. They deserve better then to be toys for Dubya's amusement.

2) We need to fully fund the Veteran's Administration in all respects. We need to revitalize and enhance the GI bill, and that does NOT mean employ more bill collectors to harass returning/ wounded soldiers about missing equipment. Walter Reed and all hospitals and outpatient facilities need total renovation and modernization.

3) While I HATE this war and all it's done to the world and this country, we should have had a draft all this time. There is NO fucking way the burden this, or ANY, war should fall on the shoulders of a class of people: the young out of work kids from recession hit families and cities. If the cause is so fucking noble, then let the lily white assed country club kids have their chance at heroism. Basically...

We show respect by what we DO. What we say, doesn't mean shit. And in the meantime...

Refuckyoucans are threatening the city AND the University of Cal-Berkeley with the RECALL of DEDICATED funds. Hmmmm... Is this another of those dirty little secrets the press won't talk about? How the Bush crime syndicate controls congress and the masses? Did they threaten Pete Stark into his tearful apology? Did they threaten Chris Dodd into dropping his filibuster? Did they threaten Webb who held Congress in session over the holidays? Did they threaten Landrieu from Louisiana, or bribe her with empty promises of more polluted FEMA trailors? What about McCaskill from Missouri? What do they have to hold over her? And over the other Dems who sold us down the river by failing to keep Dub from having his Goddamn retroactive/ ex post facto telecom immunity in his Spy on Innocent Citizens Act? ???

Remember that, all you who failed so miserably to support the only Presidential candidate who believed in the constitution: Dennis Kucinich.

What matters is what you DO!

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