Thursday, October 2, 2008

Did Palin Win? >>>Updated<<<

I would say, no. At best she slowed the massive hemorrhaging, but unless she never does an interview with anyone not with Faux, I don't think she's stopped it. She was well prepared. She did her memorization. If you look at the times and ways she avoided questions and consider that a skill, rather than an act of fraud, well... I don't have a cure for you, sorry.

She was a pageant contestant and a news caster, and those were the skills she showed more than any others. She may have gotten off script when she began talking about more power for the vice president; she started stumbling (with her speech) and fell completely off the wagon in terms of 8th grade civics. Biden, as did Obama, failed to capitalize to the full extent on that one. He also failed, as did Obama, to nail McShame's horrendous voting record on military and veterans. That one reeeeeally bugs me. It's as if there's a truce or treaty of some kind declaring the fraud that is McCain as hero, off limits. I don't get it.

Like many years no horse wins the Triple Crown, no tennis player or golfer wins their respective Grand Slam, for this debate -- and I use that term loosely -- there was no winner.


I got it this morning. I was trying to think of what/who I was watching in/through Palin last night. The whole thing of being well rehearsed. Spokes model is a term that gets floated around quite a bit, and I know there are a lot out there who want to see the home made porn tapes, or "Sarah Does Nannook" ... I'll pass; she doesn't do it for me; not even in a lezbo threesome with Rachel Maddow and Stephanie Miller. NO, I know where she belongs:

She's a Faux News Bimbo with Bottle Brown hair.

And I loved Pat Buchanon's take: Biden was boring. He was all facts and figures and statistics... Palin was new and fresh and... don't remind me of "less than fresh" Pat. Please.

Why is it that Conservatives hate facts? DUH... facts have a definite liberal bias, and since Palin OBviously can't dazzle with brilliance, she must baffle with bull shit and be much less boring, I suppose. Look...

I don't want a President that entertains me; I want a President who knows shit. I don't want a President that'd make a good drinking buddy; I want a President who works. Joe Sixpack in the White House? Fuck me with a taser, please. I WANT an educated, knowledgeable, well-spoken, well-read...elitist if you will... sitting in that chair, standing on that wall. Palin can take her "Folksy" bullshit out to the back forty and put it out of its misery. Oh...

And I really really reeeeeallyyyyy don't want, what my President might look like naked to be an issue.

And speaking of drinks and drunks, I wonder what dry-drunk George's past sponsors might have to say about these past 8 years.


Anonymous said...

No, she didn't win. She played a role at that podium. She is a pretty face with a pretty narrow world view and a stunning incuriosity about the world.

She is G Dubya.

Chris in Seattle said...

I read it somewhere tonight: Bush with Boobs.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

CHRIS: Palin is not close to being in Chimpy's league. He is without question the worst president in the history of the USA, but...even he is a more serious and thoughtful person than Palin is. I've written it before and I'll write it again, I'm sure. Chimpy is no intellectual but he's a good campaigner, often a quick-study, and has to his credit one very fine debate performance on the issues against Al Gore. Sarah Palin does not measure up to Bush's extraordiarily low standard.

Picking up on your response to my comment on D-CUP's post, a school like UT-Knoxville and really the whole Public University/Land-Grant/Community College system is a great strength of the US and probably one of the reasons the return to the unit of labor is so high. [The virtual privatizing of that system in Republican hands is another story but nevertheless, the USA's public institutions of higher learning are excellent, whether or not the students or their families are goofy].

Living in South America, I am exposed all the time to how culturally awkward a lot of Americans are.

There is a basic problem with the mythology and symbology. The love of war. The need to punish. The racism. The homophobia. The jingoism. The xenophobia. The religious superstitions. The fear. Yes, these are a bit peculiar to the (Red) States but in terms of innate brains or reasoning ability, I just don't see how Americans could possibly be weaker than any other culture. And I don't see why all Americans' hopes and goals for themselves and their families should be much different than those of any other culture.

Chris in Seattle said...

Kelso.. Glad to see you here.

I think it was Molly Ivins.Molly Ivins who said, Dubya loves politics, but hates governing; governing bores him." I probably shouldn't use quotation marks there, since I'm sure that's not exact, but it conveys her sentiments. I used to think Dubya was stupid. It took a while for me to realize that his "stupidity" was a smokescreen to hide his evil, vile nature.

Otherwise, I agree with what you say about the land grant system, etc. There are some VERY good schools that have arisen from that system: Penn State, Michigan State, TX A&M (?). I know that when I wrote what I did, over at D-Cup's, that I was talking about a segment of our population, and only a segment of the Southern population.

(let's see if my attempt at html was a success)

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Your html skills were fine but not necessary. Molly Ivins was a personal hero of mine. I've read all of her books. RIP.

I grew up in Manhattan in a Russian-Jewish immigrant family which spoke English and Spanish (long story: English mostly, Spanish when the topics were serious, and if my folks were talking Yiddish, my sister and I knew to run in the opposite direction because they were pissed about something!)

At 47, I'm sort of in the last age cohort of US born Jewish people to have grown up poor! Having grown up literally in the shadow of the headquarters of the ILGWU and having had very much a street childhood but with ambitious, literate and literary parents I've marinated in all kinds of politics since birth.

My views are not terribly different than those of the suburban liberals I met when I went to college but I was very different culturally.

In my neighborhood, the idea of being a true LEFTIST and also being an ambitious capitalist were not mutually-exclusive and as far as I've come and as patrician in a way as I am, I'm always the 11 yo boy hustling gin rummy or parlay cards or los dados ("dice") with my Puerto-Rican buddies.

Jeez, I'm twice divorced and have been a prick at times in my life.

But, trust me, I AM patrician. I have an MBA with honors. I have founded two off-shore hedge-funds and have lived all over the world, currently in Panama. I have presented papers before the World Bank and all that shit.

So, Molly Ivins really spoke to me in that sense. She was a great thinker and a real humanist but was proud of her toughness and Texas culture and saw no conflict among ALL her self-identities.

I get the same sense from the way you describe yourself, but being a part of the blogosphere for a number of years now, I've come to see that a lot of Americans are really open-minded and have no trouble dealing with the complexities of being human.

Fuck it, I'm more or less in exile from the US right now over certain arcane changes in Bush/Frist gambling and international financial transaction regulation, and I loathe the Palin aspects of American culture. But for some reason, I can't shake my optimism about American people.

Distributorcap said...

kelso is the best....

with standards set SO low over the past 28 years of GOP rule -- starting reagan and culiminating in 43 --- it is hard to believe they could get lower, but with Palin - you have a new gold star in intellectual vapidity.\

go back and watch parts over --- i made a DVD from work (one of the side benefits of working for a TV station) -- and while she was better than the couric interviews -- she is still amazingly incoherent and awful ---- only she covered it so well.

pat buchanan can eat shit -- he is an evil pathetic douchebag beyound belief - if he thinks she was fresh, wait till she is president and we see what fresh can really do

Chris in Seattle said...

Buchanan... I think Rachel Maddow invites him on her show because she feels sorry for the old guy. I wonder if he has fantasies of converting her.