Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nobody Likes Mika

Today? Every day? Not sure I get the significance of all this, but it's her whine today. has something to do with Sarah Palin's clothing budget. Or the RNC's clothing budget for her. I didn't hear what she said, but she's made the point that double the usual emails are coming in this morning. Look to her to repeat some form of her performance; attention whore.

This is all a red herring. Sarah Palin is an idiot, a dangerous one. Whether you dress her as a hockey mom, or a prime time teevee star, not counting "Survivor," she's an idiot and note worth your vote. Not enough to change your mind about voting McCrazed either. He's crazy enough to avoid all on his own. Choosing Palin was just proof of said craziness.

This is not worth raising my middle finger over.

But in something worth my attention....

David Horsey, once again, has a brilliant cartoon in today's P-I.


Anonymous said...

that comic is perfect.

And Mika can no longer call herself a journalist. Today she made a point of sharing her opinion on the show about the Palin wardrobe story.

Doesn't that make her just another pundit?

Chris in Seattle said...

Horsey IS Brilliant. Seriously. He's won two Pulitzers I believe. Says so much more with so much less than ANY writer.

I heard THAT Mika made a comment, but have yet to hear exactly what the comment was. I'm sure Keith or Rachel will tell us tonight.

Listening to McCain justify the stupidest mother fucking pick of a vice president in history. Fucking ignoramus.