Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I hope this hits the YouTube later today


James Cromwell explains and defends the "formulation" and validity of the movie "W". Sheds a bit of insight as to why the little fucktard turned out to be the shithead he is today:

Grampy Prescott was an alcoholic, a fact which was hidden and denied by the family and led to HW's inability to deal with Dubya's lifelong douchebaggery and bullshitiousness.

Dubya grew up thinking his old man was a weakling. Which would explain his fascination with all things Reagan, including his fake ranch in Crawford, where he gets to live out his childhood dream of being a cowboy. (except he's scared shitless of horses)

Some things skip a generation: Dubya is an alcoholic. With a Midas touch that turns all things to shit and dreams of following in Grampy's foot steps and overthrowing the government -- ripping it all for billions to avenge Grampy and enrich his cronies at the very least.

Cromwell goes into his personal research and defends his and Stone's positions and versions of Dubya's life. One book he gave a lot of weight was Kitty Kelly's, "The Family." A book I must admit, has sat on my shelf unread. Chuck Todd tries to shoot down the movie and Cromwell defends their version of history as every bit as valid as Todd's.

I think what we're seeing is that we will forever have to do our own research into fact, as we see the toolishness behind the networks and their spin shows news reports... did I cross out the right words? Finding facts ourselves is a bit harder, since we actually have to work for a living, and don't have the luxury of putting vast resources and time into research. On the other hand, facts have never been more accessible than they are today in this age of the web; as long as free access and neutrality is maintained. Don't count on it though; not in this age of "corporate personhood."

An aside here: I like Mika better when she and the Scar are separated. I can almost consider her a real news person, with a working brain, when she's not doing her patented nods, points and winks, while she schlumps over the side of her stoll in his direction.


Jess Wundrun said...

I feel kind of ambivalent about the movie. If it is too cartoonish people will dismiss it.

OTOH, I love your picture by the grill. Ben Wundrun is big into smoking things, have you tried that yet?

Chris in Seattle said...

I don't do much smoking. Actually, I only tried it a couple of times. I did go through a phase of cooking salmon on cedar planks though. Kinda ODd on it. as to the movie....

Being cartoonish, well, Bush is kind of the ultimate buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Now that I think about it, we don't have much "news" anymore. There's a lot of talk, a lot of opinion, but really not that much news.

Chris in Seattle said...

That's because "news" doesn't sell advertising. Ever notice how O'Lielly does a story on say.... disappearing kids during spring break or murdered kids, he shows wet t-shirt contests in the back ground...? Olberman's ratings went way up with his rants.

I think Thom Hartmann has mentioned times when news rooms were forbidden from making money, or something like that. Don't quote me.

Grace Nearing said...

Now that I think about it, we don't have much "news" anymore.

Sadly true, dcup. I don't watch the American cable news channels for news anymore. The PBS stations in my area show BBC, French, Italian, and Polish evening news reports as well as the German Deutsche Welle business reports. And on the weekends there are Chinese and Japanese programs recapping the week's news.

There's also an interesting compilation website called Watching America that provides English-language translations of articles from the international press.

Chris in Seattle said...

Grace... Welcome. Interesting websites, both yours and the one you recommended. Hope to see you come back with more comments.