Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can't take it... Update: Whew, He's Gone

McCain on Meet the Press. I can't take his bull shit. Not to mention that he can't keep his FIVE ex Secretaries of State in his head; the ones who are endorsing him.

"Ooooeeee.... pictures of me being captured... POW talk... ra ra ra"

UPDATE: One thing I wish Obama would do -- because we know no one on a network will -- is explain how the capitol gains tax is used to funnel bonus money to corporate fucks. A lot of bonuses are passed on in the form of stock options, that when exercised, are taxed, not as income, but at lower capitol gains rates. The refucks have been given the pass of protecting family farms and small businesses with their left hand, while their right hand creates and protects an economic nobility.


Anonymous said...

Did McCain seem shaky to you? It was not his best interview.

Chris in Seattle said...

Shaky? Not sure, but he seemed to be forcing his smiles and laughter. Whether that's because he was nervous or because he knew he was dishonest in so many cases, who's to say.