Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trickery Dickery Dock

McCain turns back the clock.

Anyone been missing Tricky Dick Nixon?

Well miss him no more. Tonight he was reincarnated in the form of one John Surge McCain III.
Yuppers, with his secret plan to catch/kill bin Laden -- I know how to do it my friends -- to that tried and true refrain of, "Peace with Honor."

Two things on this fucker, and I've mentioned them before... 1) He's still trying to win Vietnam and 2) He's trying to win as a Democrat. I guess that's what he defines as a maverick: Steal your opponent's platform.

Catch his New Deal idea to buy up all the bad mortgages, renegotiate them and keep people in their homes? New Deal. The same New Deal that's been dismantled by refuckyoucans all the way down to Social Security, and the bastards tried to fuck that one up too. I guess it just wasn't fair that people without risky 401k accounts have stable accounts administered by the feds.

(not surprisingly, the Fucks News viewers overwhelmingly think ShitStain won 86% - 12%, and MSNBC says 84.3% - 12.9%. Average 'em out... 49.45- 48.15 McStain sounds more reasonable)

I didn't see as many opportunities for Obama to nail McShame to the wall this time around, but he did take advantage of one of those few when he pointed to the war monger McCain is with his, "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran," lines.

"That One" ... I speak more respectfully when I talk about my dambass brother-in-law, the republican, or the step-daughter, Ms Thing. I talk about the grandmonster's dad, or my ex-boss in such terms. I do so to express my utter contempt, and the idea that they're less than losers, sub-human species or something to be scraped from my shoe. Kinda like Dubya.

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