Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

One of the things that pisses me off is when people defend their right to be ignorant.

There are stupid people; I accept that fact. I don't hate them, and I try to help them when I have the chance. Do people have a "right" to be stupid? That like asking if there's a rink for football. There are also ignorant people; I accept that fact as well, but not in the same way.

Stupid people, I believe, are born that way. It's not a choice; it's not a temporary condition; it's a characteristic, a trait. No matter how hard I might have worked, there was no chance I would have ever become a world class sprinter. Stupid people will always be stupid, no matter how hard they work to become smart.

Ignorant people are born that way as well, but ignorance IS a temporary condition. At school age, ignorance becomes a choice. It CAN be corrected through effort. To an untrained eye, they both look the same. Ignorance is merely a lack of knowledge, and is correctable by obtaining knowledge. Stupidity is the lack of the ability to obtain knowledge.

Is there a "right" to be ignorant? Yes, or at least I believe so, but why would one want to exercise that right? Or defend it? "I don't know shit from Shinola and by gum that's how I'm agonna stay, and there ain't one durn thang you can do about it."

OhhhhhKay. It is in that light that I believe it is far worse to be ignorant than stupid. Stupidity I can forgive; ignorance I cannot.

My point?

Sarah Palin...

Why does she still insist, contrary to what she could read in any 8th grade civics book, orrrrr...
learn if she only listened in to the answer to her second grade child's question, insist that as Vice President she can choose to get involved with the Senate in formulating policy? She bangs the gavel and votes to break ties, and that's ALL she does. Contrary to what Ms Dana, the Lying Sack of Cute, as Stephanie Miller calls her, says and what Mr Dick believes, there are NO Legislative duties, responsibilities or opportunities for the Vice President under the Constitution.

In refusing to learn this, Palin defends her right to be ignorant, in an attempt to hide her despotic desires in plain sight.

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