Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Douchebaggery and Bullshitiousness

When will it fucking end? Every time I think there's the possibility that Congress has hit rock bottom, they go even lower. Every time I think that surely they will see the error of their ways they go further off course. How god damned more stupid can they possibly act? ???

Not only do they fork over another Iraq's worth of dough in one vote, they do so with yet another tax cut. WHAT THE FUCK? ???

If everyone finds something in it to hate, no one can get blamed for its fuckedupedness? ???

And in another note:

We thought Palin's answers are bad. Anyone see McCrazed's answers lies during his Des Moines Register press conference? ??? The only thing "white" he should be in is not a house. It's a padded cell.

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