Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snuffalopollus... the Round Table

Paul Krugman is outnumbered 4 to 1. I'm curious to see just how far the four will go to defend free markets now that they've proven themselves to be a pathogenic fraud.

Take 'em to school Paul.

Seems like they're actually listening.

What I find amazing in one sense , but DUH-ish in another is that in times of Conservative caused financial crises, we ALWAYS turn to solutions that appear or are socialist in some sense or another.

Oh, HEERREE's the kicker: Whoever gets elected is going to have to appoint cabinet members from the other party. That's what was "said." What was meant was: Obama will have to appoint (some) white republicans to cabinet posts in order to appear legitimate.

Now on to Meet the Press, where Bob Portman and Jon Corzine tell the opposite about the two candidates' tax plans; Who's lying?

Brokaw tells an out and out lie, saying that Both Obama and McCain refuse to see any need to prioritize or set an order in what gets tackled when. McSame said he can work on all three at once. Obama spoke about them, One-two-three: Enegy, Healthcare, Education. Brokaw tries to sell McCain through the back door by lumping them together in a rejection of reality.

Hmmm... Brokaw does a sensible thing: He directs viewers to the candidates' web sites to see what both propose for healthcare. He doesn't know? Why won't/can't he say?

Portman tells an out and out lie: Obama's had more negative adds this campaign than any other candidate in history. Portman: Wants to talk about Ayers; refuses to acknowledge McCain trying to distract. Corzine: Brings the focus back to the economy; brings Portman back to talk about the economy (by denying that McCain wants to focus on Ayers...) I gotta give both guys credit though: Neither interrupted the other. Not like Ric Davis did repeatedly with David Axelrod earlier this morning. Fucker would interrupt, then when Axelrod would try to reclaim his time, would accuse Axelrod of interrupting: I don't interrupt you while you're talking (like I'm doing now)

Ted Koppel: Fucker Nails it: We've been living in a credit card economy for years now. <== thanks for agreeing with me Ted. The credit card Refuckyoucans came into their own under Reagan, but one aspect of this credit mess has been the practice of Dubya-ites encouraging people to borrow against the equity in their homes and spend it at Walmart. Fuck, just write a check to China.


DCup said...

I only caught ABC this a.m. I only flipped Cokie Roberts off once. That might be a record for me.

Chris in Seattle said...

The one I always miss is Face the Nation on CBS.

I remember Cokie saying something I considered dumb (once again), but trying to live-blog is tough for me. I can't type and listen at the same time, so a lot goes by without any acknowledgement or response.