Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe the Plumber


Just another example of McStain's "Brillyunce of Idiocy" approach to campaigning. Pick someone to put out in front of you as an embodiment of your policy proposals, whose hopes and dreams will be squashed by your opponent's policies. Never mind that most of your premises are not true, ie LIES. The Lie Component is essential to the strategy.

First off, just the process of uncovering the lies is labeled "intrusion." "Joe never asked for this." Did he ask for you to bring up his situation, Johnny Surge? Give permission to do so?

The fact that he owes back taxes, just shows that he's overwhelmed by the burden of an unfair system. Did he not fill out his forms correctly to take full advantage of those grand and glorious Bush tax cuts that "overwhelmingly helped the vast majority of Americans?" That would be calling him stupid; showing disrespect for working class, ordinary people.

The fact that he is indeed not a licensed plumber, just shows the impediments ordinary Americans face as they pursue their dreams. Licensing, regulation bad, Bad, BAD. Never mind the misrepresentation and the fact that the guy Is.... Not... a Plumber.

Never mind that the guy doesn't make anywhere near enough to qualify for a loan to buy the business has he supposedly desires. Now.... is that an example of the need for more deregulation? Do we need sub-prime small business loans now?

We are the bad ones: Pointing out facts is now, "dragging a good man's name through the mud." Has nothing to do with the fact that he was first put in that mud by the lying. In all of this, we -- liberals, Democrats, McSame opponents, the wicked evil press corps -- miss the over arching narrative of the American Dream and the "Good Old Days." Never mind that that's a crock of shit on several levels.

I made the mistake of voting for Reagan; twice, no less. When HW , Daddy Bush, came along with his Willie Horton adds and other negative shit, distorting facts and dividing the country, I thought I'd seen the worst. It was so obvious to me: You go negative, when you have no positives.

Then came W, Jr Bush, the "uniter not a divider," who was willing to "reach out to all those who embrace our vision." That's not uniting; that's circling the wagons. He proceeded to divide the country further than I ever imagined someone could. He did it through lying, but he lied with a bit of style. A lot of his lies were encoded within his butchered grammar and syntax. While we made fun of how he talked, he did what he said. He passes/signs the Clear Skies Initiative that dirties the skies. He declares National Parks Week when he cuts the national parks' budget. And it goes on and on.

Now we have Johnny Mac... McCain the Insane... Grampy... McSame... The lies are there once again, and this time they're blatant. Obama repeatedly talks of cutting taxes for 95% of Americans and McSurge repeatedly talks of his desire to raise taxes. Cock sucking Fucker's on MSNBC right now spewing more lies... bringing up his fake plumber again... promising more tax cuts for businesses... that already pay no taxes..? Keeping taxes low, creates jobs... like they have for the last 8 years?

Do the people who cheer him actually listen to what he says? ???

He's not George Bush. True.

He's way fucking worse.

I'm too pissed to write anymore. Damnit


Ted said...


Anonymous said...

I don't think they really care about the policies. They like being told what they want to hear. "You're better than those smarty pants elitists. You're real Americans! I'm going to cut taxes and still do all this shit without raising anyone's taxes! I know how to win wars!"

Really? No, Chris, you're right. They're not really thinking. They may hear the words, but they're not thinking about the meaning.

Chris in Seattle said...

Ted... Love your sense of humor. In a serious vein, there may be nothing left for anyone to fuck up. Dubya still has 3 months to "cement his legacy."

D... It's just plain fucking scary too think that there really are people who actually believe shit like what Ted said.

Distributorcap said...

you wrote A lot of his lies were encoded within his butchered grammar and syntax.

you forgot wrapped up in the flag and patriotism and god...

and delivered lock stock and barrel to the stoopids in america

the fact that mccain can still win is fucking amazing - he is bush on steroids with a deranged running mate....

Chris in Seattle said...

When Fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag, carrying the cross.
Sinclair Lewis

Check out Driftglass. He takes that and goes up several notches. Fucker's quite the wordsmith.

ludovic said...

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