Monday, October 27, 2008

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

I am sick and fucking tired of hear all this shit about taxes. ALLL of it's from refuckyoucans.
McGoon... Drano Rossi... Sarah Nailin... And it ALLL just more of the same old shit: Tax and spend Democrats (as opposed to charge and spend refucks). Barack Obama wants to raise your taxes (inset any Dem name in that statement) The last thing you want to do in a sagging(refuck) economy is raise taxes (why?) I'm going the fucking world (and put cherries on top) and not raise taxes (while balancing the budget) Cutting taxes will create jobs (how?) Stop right there:

HOW does cutting taxes create jobs? WHO is going to spend a tax refund to ... I mean what the fuck could the average tax cut pay for? A car tune up? Ohhhhhh... E-bay shit. Yeah, we can all sell our shit and... who's going to have money to buy it?

Seriously... I remember reading in The Price of Loyalty, Paul O'Neill testifying to Congress, that as a corporate CEO, he never made a business decision based on the tax code. The question he was answering was in regard to the value of tax cuts to the economy. Besides:

As I've said many times: We've had nothing but tax cuts for eight fucking years and where in the hell have they gotten us? ???

Yoah... Johhny B Surge... I know Barack isn't saying what you want to hear about taxes and I don't fucking care. Wanna know why? I know you don't, but I'll tell you anyway.

I'm more worried about having a fucking job. No job... who the fuck cares about the taxes I won't have money to pay. I'll be more worried about my next fucking meal.

Go sit on a cattle prod. Asshole.

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