Saturday, October 4, 2008

Douchebaggery and Bullshitiousness pt DUH

David Horsey... True Genius.

"This bill addresses the underlying problems to our economy: That as assets banks hold lose value, their abilities to lend money and extend credit are restricted." So said Dubya, our Harvard MBA preznit, or some such nonsense, as he signed the "Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, McCain Bailout Bill."

Do not, I repeat NOT, N-O-T NOT send your kids to Harvard for an MBA. Granted, not every kid who goes there is a pampered punk like Dubya, with the means and methods available to fake and cheat their way through and not learn a fucking thing, but still, he's not exactly a poster child for what I'd want a kid to become. Come on folks,

didn't we study this in 10th grade US history? Under the Great Depression and the New Deal? This bill does nothing that anyone who's pushed it says it does. Except that it funnels $700 BILLION to those who don't deserve it. In the grand tradition of Reagan refuckyocanism, it rewards fuck ups and (near) criminal behavior. Oh,

we're going to revisit this and attach over site and regulation? That really worked when congress went back to review the Protect America Act, didn't it? We got the new FISA complete with retroactive immunity for telecom companies , administration officials with a stab to the heart of the Fourth Amendment to boot. You really expecting anything more this time around? To anyone still stupid enough to take anything titsy Pelosi says seriously, I wanna know

You going to vacation on a tropical island in Alaska? Or on an ocean beach in New Mexico? Be nice if you had a job to pay for a vacation. Hope you live long enough to see something trickle down from above, but hey

McCrook and Palin want to keep taxes low, so we'll see plenty of new jobs created just like we have through Dubya's tax cuts, right?
be patient
they're coming
he said so

As to Palin's claims of cutting taxes in Alaska... Alaska is the ONLY state in the union with NEITHER a state income tax, NOR a state sales tax. The state's money comes from royalties charged on the oil flowing through the pipeline; the one from the North Slope/Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. (their other major source is federal largess) When oil prices are down, as during the years when Bill Shefield and Steve Cowper were governor, the state starves; when prices are high as when Jay Hammond and, gee whiz, Sarah Palin were governor, the state SWIMS in money. Which btw would not exactly make it tough to cut taxes... if there WERE any fucking taxes to cut. Her claims are basically, wand waving with side orders of smoke and mirrors.

PS If you live in Washington state, have confidence in Dino Rossi; he, of the Bush-like fucktard smirk, is going to create jobs by keeping taxes low too. Just like Dubya.


Distributorcap said...

the stupid that pervades this country never ceases to amaze me --- we are so dumbed down that you dont even have to try that hard to fool people --- just the words lower taxes gets people all full of hormones.

this bailout is a joke -- and how are we gonna pay for it - with tax cuts?????? are people that stupid - dont answer that

Chris in Seattle said...

The bailout is nothing more than one more episode in a never ending series of Refuckyoucan efforts to redistribute wealth. In regards to paying for it, to paraphrase Tonto, "What's this we shit Liberal?"

Dusty said...

Refuckyoucan efforts to redistribute wealth.~Damn ain't that the friggin truth.