Saturday, October 18, 2008


So said someone named "Ted" in a comment to my morning post.

While I compliment his sense of humor, I also recall the line, "Many a truth is said in jest."

While there's no disputing my feelings for the Refuckyoucans in Congress, I'm not terribly impressed with the jobs done by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, Jane Harman, and many others.

If Obama is to accomplish anything worth noting, he absolutely MUST do all he can to remove all those listed from their present posts and replace them. As well as remove Joe Lieberman from his posts and bar him from the Democratic caucuses.

Of course this all rests on the assumption that there will be a veto proof majority in the Senate. Without that, I see no hopes for any progressive accomplishments. I see/read/hear nothing that points to the Refucks rejoining the process of government as opposed to continuing with the Trent Lott "strategy" of "obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, and then run on the platform of a 'do nothing Congress.'" It only took the bastards one year to break a record for filibusters that was set over two years. If they can't filibuster... Naaa... they have to show up. It'd be too obvious if they didn't.


Distributorcap said...

remember when the 55 Republican member senate from 2002-2006 said we will use the "nuclear" option and just call for up and down votes when necessary

Chris in Seattle said...

I remember it very well. I also remember that they sold it as necessary because of the Democratic obstructionists. Fuck oh dear if the dems were to call for the same: the outcry. Consider though:

If they HAD used the nuclear option, they would no be able to obstruct as they have. They had to consider that possibility at the time (or maybe they were that stupid and arrogant that they didn't) yet they were willing to do it because they KNOW that packing the judicial bench, as they did the DoJ, would insulate them from challenge, investigation or prosecution.

Just like Roberts: MoFo's going to be in charge of SCOTUS for a long long time. The federal appeals courts are going to be locked up beyond this next term and possibly the next two.