Monday, October 27, 2008

Yesterday the car....

Today it was back to Clearwire. No, they didn't interrupt me posting; there was nothing to interrupt. They were down all together. No morning vitamin P... No morning news... No morning post... Now it's going to take days to get my hit count back into the 30's.


Dale said...

You just reminded me to look at Google Analytics for my blog. 231 visits in the last month. So I did a little digging.....80 in one day....thanks to this page:;action=print;num=1223232085

Go there and search for "dalepmay".
That one little reference did it for me.

I guess I should post more often about offensive shit.

Chris in Seattle said...

Or you could do like Firestarter; you could post half nekkid chicks, like this one:

Maybe I should post that one myself.