Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh shit w/UPDATE

Find out if Sarah Palin would bang you at!

Save me Gramma Nancy... save meTina!

h/t to the Firestarter.

And in the Double Oh Shit department, Ms Slaughterhouse Spice is set to issue her very first solo speech on foreign policy. Now don't get your hopes up for her to talk about how she sees Russia from her ice-fishing hole or out of the half moon on her outhouse, and therefore is a foreign policy expert.** No. Expect to see the well rehearsed pageant walking Palin all chock full of neo-con talking points and Obama slams. Although I do wonder if we'll hear about God's plans for what to do with our nukes and who to bomb/threaten next. Opps.... sorry for the redundancies.

I wish I could live-blog it. Life's not fair; boo hoo.

**Even though we KNOW that all that OBVIOUSLY makes her an eggspurt on furriners n such, even more so than her NY floor show a ways back. I mean fuckin' a, you think you can learn anything sitting on foreign affairs/relations committees in congress?

UPDATE: Somehow I misunderstood. It's about her policies on Special Needs Kids. Basically talking points and Obama slams of a different flavor: School choice; vouchers for a price tag with nothing to do with the actual cost of educating kids or How I plan to counter act my line item vetos in Alaska's state budget, while cutting taxes like we've done under Reagan and Bush since experience tells us how fucking well it works. Mavericky shit. oh...

And did you know Barack Obama's a terror loving Muslim who wants to raise taxes?

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