Sunday, October 19, 2008

Snuffalopoulus... UPDATE: Matthews

In this corner.... for Barack Obama... we have:

Warren Buffet
Colin Powell

and in this corner... for John McCain... we have:

Joe the Plumber
Okey Dokey

UPDATE: It starts. Buchanan says the Powell endorsement is due to race. To think that Powell would be so shallow. I guess I shouldn't be shocked, considering the source and his beliefs. This is the mantra D-Cup predicted, although I'm not sure which if she had either black man in particular in mind. As I said: Brace yourself.

Can't spread the wealth but they can sure spread hatred.

What this really proves to me, is the Myth of the Maverick. It's somehow OK that McCain stood up to his party? Lieberman is a hero for being an Independent? Endorsing McCain over Obama? Obama's never stood against his party and that makes him bad?

Well here's Powell, addressing his endorsement point by point, but all Buchanan sees is skin color, because he can't make any other case.


DCup said...

You make a great point, Chris! There's always the double standard with these guys.

And thank you for the link!

Chris in Seattle said...

Always welcome. You write great stuff.

I hope life is well. As can be.