Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama: The Maddow Interview

I've been looking forward to this for days now, for several reasons. Foremost, Rachel isn't a "water carrying apologist" like Ed Schultz who gave Obama a free pass with boot lick, when he asked him about his FISA cave-in. I've expected her analysis to be just that, and not a rubber stamp of approval. I want to try to focus on just one part. I was going to say a small part, but I don't think it's small at all.

Rachel asked him why he criticizes Bush, but not the Republican Party or their core, conservative beliefs. His answer was something like, "Well, we're winning aren't we?"

OK, that may be true, but the question was not about winning. The question speaks volumes about Obama's core beliefs, and Rachel explained to both Keith Olberman on Countdown, and Ron Reagan on his radio show that this is why to many liberals/Democrats/progressives, Obama is not their champion. I'm voting for him, and I encourage everyone to do the same, but until the choices came down to the final two, he has never been my first choice.

Obama's a conservative, but as oxymoronic as it may sound, he's not crazy like McGoon. He's actually an oasis of sanity in this desert of douchenozzlery.

I have a feeling I'll have damn near as many bees up my ass during any Obama Preznency as I have for Fuckstain's.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Obama isn't frightened by the concern trolls telling him to be careful not to be liberal.

Chris in Seattle said...

Fuck oh Dear, he's a politician, of COURSE he's worried about appearing liberal.

And yes, I'm still way pissed about his cave-in on FISA. I'm just as pissed at all the molly coddling that went on at the hands of Abrams, Schultz and even Olberman. You don't "move to the center" by taking Totalitarian positions.