Friday, July 6, 2007

Bush: The Life Death of the Party

I'm not sure how many people are like me, but before Glenn Greenwald moved here -- Glenn Greenwald - Salon -- he was one of my daily must-read bloggers. He's extremely knowledgeable regarding constitutional law and an excellent writer, having recently published his second book.

In his most recent arcticle, which for some reason appears twice, he quotes Canadian Ian Welsh of the Agonist, from one of Ian's recent posts (see another post here.) Ian definitely seems to be in some agony as he writes about the decline of American values, and the world's increasingly poorer view of our country and our policies. You can check out this decline in another of Glenn's posts here.

I've often likened Bush's foreign policy behavior to that of a second grade playground bully, looking for weak little first grades to beat up and then running and hiding behind his fellow bully sixth grade friends. And when he's not doing the bully act, he acts like a spoiled baby, holding his breathe till he turns blue in the hopes that he'll get his way. It seems the world agrees with me at least somewhat.

Fuckin' W... He makes me so damn angry, I'm almost speechless. The 4th of July is supposed to be a celebration, when Americans show pride in our country and government. Instead, this fuck, has turned everything upside down and inside out and made this whole week one of mourning. The Libby pardon, is just the latest exhibit of his total disregard for everything American and his continuing efforts to destroy this country. Don't "misunderestimate" the damage this treasonous, criminal creature will do in the remainder of his term. Speaking of his term...

Brace yourselves for 2008 folks. Dale makes the prediction, and I TOTALLY agree, that W will not leave office. Someday, one day, I hope to write my own post on the subject. For now I will just say that there's a long trail of evidence backing up this prediction. The Libby pardon is just the latest piece of such evidence.

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