Sunday, July 22, 2007

Driftglass on Friedman and Dubya

If you've never read Driftglass, read him now. Here's a sampling from an article he posted on Wednesday:

Dubya was, by any measure, a shallow, incompetent, sadistic, drunken failure most of his life, and the only reason he isn’t spending his declining years caroming soddenly off the walls of some doublewide in a West Texas trailer park, or running Lil’ Dubya’s Cut Rate Liquor and Fireworks outlet, is that his daddy had money and his daddy had clout.


There never was anything other than that –- and the fact the he inherited the keys to a ferociously powerful wingnut electoral and propaganda engine -- to recommend George W. Bush to the attention of history in any way.

As heroes are idealized versions of our virtues, Dubya is the perfect personification of our every national failing.

I can only wish I could say it that well.

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