Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bush is a Lying Sack of Shit

When writing about Bush that's about the only headline you'll ever need. Once again, he accuses Dems of gumming up the works, while ignoring the simple fact that his own Republican base is to blame. They couldn't pass an immigration bill when they were in charge, and they stood in the way of efforts this time. They spent more time funding Bush's War than the Dems did, yet Bush didn't complain back then like he did this past time around. They couldn't pass the spending bills last year, that the Dems are dealing with now AFTER cleaning up the mess the Repugs left behind. Again, no complaints last year, but the Dems need to "step up." The Repug controlled Congress passed his tax cuts with expiration clauses, but now that the Dems plan to let some actually expire, it's They who are to blame for "tax and spend," policies. HE supposedly stands for fiscal restraint? Riiiiight. Most sensible people that I know would think of uncontrolled deficit spending as a LACK of restraint.

It's amazed me that from the time he began campaigning in the primaries for the 2000 election, he's told lie, after lie, after lie, and no ever called him on it and made it stick. He went through how many reasons for invading Iraq? and yet it was Kerry who was the flip-flopper. When he accused Kerry of calling him a liar, I couldn't understand why Kerry would back off, and not just tell him that when the shoe fit he had to wear it.

Fuck all this, "Respect for the office," bullshit; he's proven himself unworthy in every way possible. Nancy, Harry, and all the rest of you: Stand up for yourselves and call him what he is.

P.S. Go here and sign the petition telling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to start pointing out that it's THE REPUBLICANS who are holding up legislation and keeping Congress from getting ANYTHING done. (read the report about the obstruction and how Senate members voted on specific issues, too) (Stolen from DCup; sorry dear)

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Anonymous said...

Steal away, man, steal away.

It's been a complete mystery to me how the media has let Bush skate on any number of issues. Especially since 9/11, they've treated him with kid gloves.

Keep pushing the message!