Monday, July 9, 2007

Sara... Sara... Storms Are Brewin' in Your Eyes.

That Harriet Miers would not want to testify before Congress, doesn't surprise me at all; she's just another typical Bush crony who will do whatever her master wishes. Sara Taylor confuses me.

Patrick Leahy seems reluctant to serve her with a Contempt of Congress citation because she supposedly wants to testify. As I understand it, or at least the last I heard, if she doesn't testify, it will be because of the demands of the White House. I have to wonder if she's afraid of the White House, or is she just using them as cover for her covering for them? This involves the White House, so we know there's a game. The question is, "What IS the game?"

I wonder what's really going on in Taylor's head. Does she look at the Libby pardon and believe that she'll be protected just as he was if she refuses to cooperate and is cited by Congress? Or does she believe she has more to fear from White House reprisals if she does cooperate? They can't take her job since she doesn't work there any longer.

I remember a Monica Lewinski interview after Clinton's impeachment was done where the interviewer asked her something about Ken Starr. Monica first said she wasn't aloud to talk, and when pressed a bit, being asked what he could do, she took on this look of absolute terror, and said something to the effect of, "You have no idea what he might do." Ken Starr is one thing; Karl Rove is another.

We've seen what these bastards have done to get back at Joe Wilson. I wonder what threats they may have made against Taylor and her family? Gitmo maybe? This is really bugging me.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Somewhere Marty Balin is demanding that you send him a few bucks for using that title. Stiff his ass on it.

Chris in Seattle said...

No matter how hard he tried, a few bucks is all he could possibly get.

Station Agent said...

I thought it was a Fleetwood Mac reference. My bad.