Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WOW... A Conservative's Case for Impeachment

One of the few cool things about my job is that I get to do a lot of different things. For the past several, I've had the chance to work in a quiet little corner, out of few and listen to my radio. I've been a total talk-radio addict for many years now (I just can't keep track of the 10-in-a-row shit and remember which songs I liked and who did them; I know jack shit about present day music) and since 100.7FM, which used to be a cool talk talk station, went country and dumped Tom Leykis, I've been listening to 1090AM which has a great lineup of progressive talk shows. I usually never get to listen during the day but these past few, I've been able to catch Thom Hartmann from 9-noon.

This guy has always impressed me with his knowledge of the issues and times surrounding the founding of this country. I don't know if he keeps a laptop by his side, with someway to do quick reference, or if he knows them by heart, but his knowledge of the Federalist Papers seems amazing.

Today one of his guests was conservative Bruce Fein. If it's possible, the guy's credentials are excellent, including affiliations with the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, etc, etc and authored the articles of impeachment for Bill Clinton. The only thing I don't see, is his name on the PNAC's statement of principles. He spent quite a bit of time on Thom's show, and made a clear cut and simple case for the impeachment of both W and his Dick. He made the case without even referring to "high crimes and misdemeanors," instead focusing on W's usurpation of powers not granted by the constitution. There was no mention of lying us into a war, outing Valerie Plame, or many of the other commonly cited reasons. Instead he kept referring to this10-point proposal, spelled out at the American Freedom Agenda web site.

When someone like this starts talking impeachment, it reeeeealy makes me wonder why the hell Nancy Pelosi keeps avoiding the subject. If our Constitutional government of laws is going to survive, impeachment NEEDS to happen.


Jess Wundrun said...

Back when C-Span was doing simulcasts of talk radio hosts I saw Hartmann do his thing. Those facts are pulled out of his ever amazing brain.

artquest1 said...

Impeachment of Bush is a tricky thing for the Democrats to consider. Charges brought against Bush would be very similar to those that would have to be brought against Cheney also. If Bush is guilty, certainly Cheney is complicit, and yet without charges being leveled against him, Cheney become president if the house brings changes and the Senate validates them. Impeach both? Is their precedent? NO. If articles of impeachment are brought against both by the House, then the Speaker of The House, nancy Pelosi is the person shepherding the charges, and surprise! If enacted, she become President!

Chris in Seattle said...

Jess... And the guys has ADHD; he's written 7 books on the subject.

Art... I realize Cheney must go with Bush, and Pelosi must know this too.. I've wondered if she views impeachment as a conflict of interest, since she would be next in line.