Monday, July 2, 2007

Scooter Skates

I have no idea what all the blogger buzz is, and I didn't get to watch the end of Countdown to see if Keith had one of his patented rants, but I'm sure anyone with a brain in their head is livid. I'm actually shocked and surprised that it wasn't a full pardon. That W would pay lip service to, respecting the jury's decision, doesn't surprise me at all. So easily and fluidly do the lies flow forth after years of practice. I wonder if he even knows when he's lying anymore..?

Such total disregard for what Libby did. It's not just Libby, nor the crimes themselves that he committed, but the crimes of W, Dick and the rest, that he covered up. The unmitigated gall, the total lack of any moral compass, the high mindedness, the short sightedness and pettiness that these creatures exhibit enrages me. That he's sold so many on the notion that he's stupid, that he's a frat-boy, that he's just a stumble bum in over his head, shows the true depth of his, and his handlers, evil genius.

Joe Wilson called bullshit on one of his many lies, and in his pettiness, he took out his revenge on Wilson's wife. Somehow he felt entitled; to be above question. In their short sightedness and conceit, they refused to look beyond the outing of one individual, ignoring the fact that it was more than she they outed. They outed an entire covert network: agents, contacts, and all of their families and associates. No one with any hint of morality and values, would stoop so low as to put untold lives at risk, all for the petty end of attaining personal revenge.

Don't tell me you're a Christian, George. Don't tell me God talks to you. Not any God I've ever known. The only purity about you, is your evilness. What the fuck are you really doing? What are you really hiding?

This administration goes to such great pains to place as much distance between themselves and Bill Clinton as they can, proclaiming themselves to be the benevolent ones, here to put the country and the White House on a higher plain. I remember Bill being asked about his affair with Monica and him answering to the effect of, "I did it for the most despicable reason of all; I did it because I could."

Guess what, George, you treasonous bastard, you're worse than Clinton could ever hope to be. The fact that you could let Scooter skate, the fact that it's a power you didn't have to usurp to use, that for once the offense you commit may not be impeachable, doesn't make the action any less despicable. It may even make it more so.


Well I'll be dipped. I wrack my brain and slave over my keyboard and come up with a catchy title, and what do I wake up to in the morning? This morning's Seattle PI headline.

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