Friday, July 20, 2007

Why else does W need a colonoscopy?

To pull his crown out of his ass. Or is it to shove it up in there?

I can't believe -- actually I can believe, but wish I couldn't -- the latest bum fuckery to come from the wet dreams of this tyrant: the bastard has declared that no one has the power to question his declarations of executive privilege. Basically, we now have our very own home grown King George.

Not a good day for Olbermann to take off to stand in line for his Harry Potter book, but Glenn Greenwald is on the case, as are others I'm sure.

I'm going to be stewing on this all weekend I know.

Definitely look for a second surge in Iraq, to get more troops out of the country. That leaves Blackwater and the other mercenary companies with less opposition when Dubya makes his move to declare martial law and truly take over as dictator.

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